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A modern and consistent Web Design is the key to your success

Rules for Success

  • Always be sure your business/brand has a strong image through an accurate study of the graphics and the messages.
  • Look for a competent and reliable professional figure before giving him the task to make your website. There is around a bunch of semi-amateurs or scarcely skilled “web designers” who don’t really know all the tiny rules behind the creation of a strong web platform.
  • Low prices in web design means low quality. That’s the “Chinese” rule. Beware of low-priced offers as well as too high costs. Both can hide a bad surprise behind.
  • The making of a good website or even better a good e-commerce application is a time-consuming practice, so don’t ask your web designer to make it quickly. You risk to achieve a result that doesn’t meet your expectations and your customers satisfaction.
  • Many web designers use WordPress as a building platform for their work and websites. I do the same, but unfortunately few of them are aware of all the technology behind it. The web designer should prove you he has a wide experience in a serie of tools that are beyond the average knowledge of the “free-lancer”.
  • Don’t be fooled by websites full of colors and “magic effects”. They are usually heavy to be loaded by a web browser or a smartphone. They look “wow” at the very beginning but your customers needs to visit a website easy to navigate and pleasant to see. After a while they should be bored of pop-ups, graphical effects and bright colors. It’s not very professional in itself and transmits your clients a sense of non-professionality.
  • Be sure you web designer has a skill in SEO so your website is visible to the largest numbers of potential customers.
  • Be sure your new website is flawless and fast to load. There are plenty of instrument to investigate a website performance. Ask your web designer to rank the speed and SEO.
  • Don’t be afraid to pay a little money for a continuous monitoring and updating of your website by the web designer. A maintenance plan should include updtaes, speed controls, security controls, anti-spam and regular check of the health status of your website.
  • Where possible, refer to a web designer owning a limited company and being not a sole-trader. A Ltd. company has more stability and has a greater reliability than a sole-trader.
  • If you need an e-commerce website, then you are going to sell your stuff though it all over the world. Ther are some reliable CMS’s (Content Management Systems) that are specifically made to be professional, like PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart. Your web designer must have a strong knowledge of these instruments and how to prepare them to sell and manage money transactions. It’s a delicate affair and should be given only to expert’s hands. Ask your Web Developer to prove he has these skills showing you previous works he has done. A bad website is a waste of time, a bad e-commerce is a waste of  money..

We work on your images, colors, logos to match your company’s requirements and give a consistent image through the website.

We aim to create websites with a modern look and a sleek appeal. Remember your customer will choose you through the way you appear on the web also.

We specialize into bespoke Web-Applications, this meaning not only elegant and effective web pages but hundreds of interactive functions between the website and the customer. We can provide: Portals with registered users and private areas, business directories, booking systems, menus for restaurants etc.

This means that you will have only to submit us your project with functionalities and we will provide logical/functional analysis, technical analysis and web application development. Not just web design.. We work in cooperation with Database designers, Java/Javascript programmers, CSS and HTML designers.

Our websites are always at top of the SEO ranking on Google and other serach engines. We care about this from the very first line of code we do.

Loading speed and ping time are two parameters really iimportant for a successful website. We use the best Internet providers to ensure this and our websites loading speed is always in A class while ping time is usually between 10 and 13 msec. depending on the quality of your connection.

Our websites are designed with visitor’s point of view. They must be easy to navigate and pleasant to see.

Our websites have the most easy interface, always. A visitor must always know where he is within the site and this is one of the most important factors of every good website. One siimple example are the arrows beside the title here. Arrow down to open the tab, and arrow up to close it..

Once a webiste is done we are at the very beginning of our work. Our effort will then be to maiintain the website at top through a regular maintenance.

We can provide user domain registration, Email domains and SSL (Secure Socket Layers like https://) connections to ensure your website and Email are unreachable by hackers and spammers.

A good website often is completed by a Blog where you can add on a regular basis new posts to keep your clients updated and generate an interest so they will visit your website when something is happening.

Connecting your website to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. creates a funnel to your website, especially for local customers.

We have a strong knowledge on networks and systems so we can assist your business in achieving the best performances and keep your machines always up-to-date.

Our Packages Solutions for You..

Starter Package

Starter Package is for business and people who want to get into the Web from scratch. If you don't have a domain, a website and you need a reliable partner to start your Internet Business, that's the solution for you!
We offer:
☛ From 1 to 5 web pages
☛ Free 1 year domain registration
☛ free 1 year dedicated Email
☛ Free 1 year website maintenance
☛ Internal SEO

Business Package

Business Package is for companies who already own an old and outdated website and need to refresh the web design and want a consistent look.
We offer:
☛ From 5 to 10 web pages
☛ Free 2 years domain registration and migration
☛ free 2 years dedicated unlimited Email boxes
☛ Free 2 years website maintenance
☛ Internal SEO
☛ Social Media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
☛ 50 images free photographic service
☛ Free Video footage (land & aerial)

E-Commerce Package

E_Commerce Package is for companies who want to start a professional E-Commerce to sell products & services through the Web.
We offer:
☛ From 5 to 10 web pages
☛ Free 2 years domain registration and migration
☛ free 2 years dedicated unlimited Email boxes
☛ Free 2 years website maintenance
☛ Internal SEO
☛ Social Media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
☛ 50 images free photographic service for the website
☛ Free Video footage (land & aerial)
☛ PrestaShop™ complete CMS with startup installation
☛ 15 hours training and education to control via back-end your new web store
☛ Optional photography service for your products to be uploaded to E-Commerce web store

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