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What does it mean to own an E-Commerce

Owning an E-Commerce is a matter of organization. Indeed an E-Commerce is like to have your shop open 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, and moreover you may choose to sell worldwide or just for selected countries or geographical zones and areas.

Before starting your E-Commerce you should know some simple rules you have to stick to in the next future.
First of all you need a strong and reliable CMS (Content Management System) to allow your customers to buy your products or services with an eye to the safety for payments and transactions.
Then you need a software allowing you to have a full control over the stock management, catalog, payments, employees allowed to do only some operations, packaging & shipping rules and costs depending on either destination and couriers, feedbacks, Email communications integrated with your Email client, restrictions, gift vouchers, discounts, sale offers, and many other aspects to become a serious E-merchant.

To achieve this goal we don’t use simple plug-ins or tricky systems to sell online but we install under your domain a complete professional E-Commerce CMS to transform your local activity into a worldwide opportunity to sell.
Our preferred platform is the well-known PrestaShop™ software. It’s a strong and reliable platform we use and install since 2004.
It needs a delicate and precise installation process that very few are able to perform flawlessly.

The only knowledge you will need is how to operate the Back-end panel to have a total control over every single operations, and this needs a good training and assistance in the first steps and beyond.

We have been installing and giving continuous assistance to more than 30 existing online shops ensuring the best results to our customers.
The benefit to have an online shop is evident: sales dramatic increase, worldwide visibility and reliability. All payments goes through dedicated channel like PayPal, Stripe and others and you can link your bank account directly to them to transfer your money safely and fast.

At the end is not a simple choice for you to start an online shop, we know, but with our help it will become a matter of minutes to decide to sell more and more..

What CMS we use for your E-Commerce

PrestaShop CMS

Pro features
PrestaShop is an open source E-Commerce CMS very powerful and suitable for medium-large e-shops. It's a very popular environment for any commercial activity selling physical products as well as digital and services. It has plenty of plugins to manage every single aspect of a large E-Commerce.
Cons features
Very complicate set-up. It needs an expert to be configured at best. Design is standard and not very flexible.


Pro features
WooCommerce is a WordPress dedicated plugin for small/medium e-shops. Allows to create very attractive ctalogs and pages tailored to the website's style.
Cons features
It needs to be carefully integrated into the website and not easy to configure properly by a non-expert hand.


Pro features
Magento is a huge product, open source by Adobe Company, dedicated to very large shops. Really difficult to manage and install, requires a deep knowledge. Its' used by major companies and has plenty of functions.
Cons features
Needs an expert to be installed and configured properly. Needs a depp training for the user.

Feel free to get in touch with us to freely evaluate together..