About Us

A life into I.T.


My name is Pietro Malaguti and I’ve been working into Information & Communication Technologies since 1987. In 2013 I decided to move to Ireland from Italy thanks to some works I was doing from Italy for Irish companies.
I’ve been living in Donegal for 3 years before moving to Manorhamilton where I established my office in my home at 35 Clooneen Park, a lovely estate with lovely neighbours.
Soon after I started to work for local companies like Rooney’s and Mark Scott Garage. My clients are in Donegal, Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon and Fermanagh.

I studied as an Information Technologies Engineer and my career stared over 30 years ago as a bank software programmer and engineer. I owned my company in Italy and now I share my activity with my wife Simonetta, a talented professional photographer. She helps me in taking pictures for my work. I have two daughters living and working in Italy.

Since 1997 I create web applications, websites and e-commerce solutions using the most advanced technologies. From the simplest one-page website to the most complex web application I can solve my customers’ needs adding to the job a deep knowledge of hardware and systems as well as a skill in designing and producing 3D printed objects for my clients. About this skill please visit https://3dprintie.com and https://3dmodelskits.com.

I have a strong interest for music and I belong to the Borderlands Southern Gospel Choir. I play wind instruments like flute and Highland Bagpipe. I love to live in Ireland, a beautiful place!

Images & Life


My name is Simonetta Ecchia. I’m Pietro’s wife and I work as a professional photographer since 2006. Formerly I’ve been working as a Financial Advisor in Italy.

When we moved to Ireland we had great expectations and now we have a quiet and happy life in Manorhamilton. If you like to have a look to my work please visit my website https://simonettaecchia.com.

We live in a comfortable and nice home where we work. In summertime we have plenty of friends who visit us in Manorhamilton to discover the beauty of Co. Leitrim and all the almost hiddeng gems you can find around. I help my husband in processing images and my main work is as wedding and family photographer.